OralID Cancer Screening

OralID Cancer Screening at Emerald Coast Smiles by Design

Emerald Coast Smiles by Design offers a new screening to detect oral cancer. This simple and quick test is done without dyes or rinses. According to The American Cancer Society’s website, estimates for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers in the United States for 2016 are:
  • About 48,330 people will get oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer.
  • An estimated 9,570 people will die of these cancers.
The overall rate of new cases of this disease has been stable in men and dropping slightly in women. However, there has been a recent rise in cases of oropharyngeal cancer linked to infection with human papilloma virus (HPV) in white men and women.

Oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers are most often found in:

  • The tongue
  • The tonsils and oropharynx
  • The gums, floor of the mouth, and other parts of the mouth
The rest are found in the lips, the minor salivary glands (which often occur in the roof of the mouth), and other sites.

Much like other cancers, early detection of oral cancer is critical. If you have any questions about risk factors, please feel free to talk to our doctors or hygiene staff. If you have questions regarding insurance coverage, please contact or see the front desk staff. We recommend all our patients be screened with the OralID for early detection of oral cancer.

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